About Me

Hey, thank you so much for being here. My name is Steph and I created Leya Home the décor brand. After growing up in a little town in the North West of England, I have travelled and lived in a number of different countries to where I now currently reside in the South of France. 

The reason I started this business comes down to my love for all things ‘home’. From décor, to furniture to renovations, I’m obsessed with it all. But something I struggled with was finding pieces I love for my home. I would see things I liked on Pinterest and other inspo images but could never find somewhere I could buy them. 


So, feeling that other people may have the same struggles I decide to bring the world of beautiful neutral home décor to you, in one place where all pieces work perfectly together. 

The name Leya Home came after my daughter, Cataleya. When I was pregnant with her I remember saying to my partner how much I love the name we had chosen and imagined naming a home décor business after her (I’m telling you my obsession with the home was real and has been with me for a long time). And then Voila, a few years later, after my son was born, during the first week of lockdown (crazy times) I launched Leya Home the décor brand. 


I work with artisans all over the world with our latest collections being from Bali. I love how not only do these pieces bring something beautiful to your home but are helping support these talented artisans and their businesses, especially in these difficult times. All our pieces are handmade with love. 


Thank you for all the love and support I have received - because of you I am living my dream.

Steph x